Mon - Thur 4 pm to 8 pm, Sat 10 am to 2 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why our Studio?

A. 1) Our facility is equipped with sprung flooring which ensures the safety of our dancers, our full length mirrors are shatterproof, our teachers all have over 15 years dance experiences both recreationally and competitively, our tuition is the lowest in Winnipeg.. to name a few! 

2) Quality over Quantity. Our class sizes are smaller than most other studios. As a result, we are able to focus on individual student needs to help each and every student reach their full potential. Plus, each class gets to perform TWO dances on stage at our year end recital, opposed to only once like at other studios!

Q. How much are classes?

A. Full year classes (September to May) are $415.00 plus GST (Early Bird Discount classes are $389 plus GST valid until May 31, 2019)

Q. Are there payment options?

A. Yes, absolutely. You can choose to pay in full, two equal payments, four equal      payments or six equal payments.

Q. Are there any other costs associated with registering?

A. Yes. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee due at the time of registration.

Q. What other costs might there be?

A. There’s a few at the end of the year if you choose to participate in recital.

1 – Recital Costumes – We try to be very cost sensitive and keep our costumes under $100

2 – Class Photos – The basic package for photos will be approximately $20-$25, price increases for additional photos ordered.

3 – Recital Videos – Recital videos are approximately $40.

4 – Competition fees – If the teacher chooses to participate in the Manitoba Dance Festival or another competition, fees are based on each specific organization and will be optional to the child/family and will be discussed prior to.

5 – Recital Tickets –  Approximately $15

                6 – Recital Clothing – optional – price changes every year 

Q. Can parents watch during the class?

A. Unfortunately we do not allow parents to sit in class to watch, it tends to cause more of a distraction to the child as well as other students. We do however have glass french doors that lead into the studio and if you would like to watch through the doors  you are welcome to do so.

Q. How big are your classes?

A. We want to keep the student to teacher ratio quite small to ensure each children’s individual needs get met each and every class, therefore for our younger classes, no more than 15 students will be in each class and for our older classes, no more than 12 students will be in each class.

Q. Is recital the only time we get to see them dance?

A. Nope! We have a Christmas Presentation week the last week before we break for the holidays in December in which you get to sit into your child’s class. We typically do a shortened class (approx. 30-40 minutes) so you can see their progress and what they’ve learned so far.

Q. What if my child isn’t enjoying themselves?

A. Your child has two classes in which to decide if they enjoy the style that they have chosen. Up to the third class we offer a full refund, after the third class we DO NOT offer any refunds.

201 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB, R2L 1L7